Coddies was launched in early 2018 to re-design the way we see summer footwear. The current summer footwear market is dominated by styles with a very similar design and colour – innovation is needed! How about eye-catching footwear that is a fish out of water in comparison to what's currently around...

That's just what Coddies provides, Coddies alternative footwear styles are comfortable, stylish, versatile and can be worn in pretty much any location. Not only this but they provide the uniqueness and innovation that the market needs - colourful 'out there' shoes! As our passion for alternate footwear range grows from fish to cabbages!

 Meet the Founder

Jack Bennet, founder of CoddiesCoddies was first envisaged on a trip to a small island off the coast of Thailand, it was here while browsing around the shops that Coddies Founder came across the idea of fish style footwear. This inspiration led him to develop our first range of outrageous footwear that goes against the current summer footwear styles. This was the birth of Coddies, a footwear brand which goes against the grain.

The ethos of Coddies is all about having fun, being happy, different, unique and standing out from the crowd. It also has a strong belief in doing good and conservation and as a result donates a percentage of profits to marine conservation charities to save our fish – including Cod! If you want to do good with your old Coddies be sure to checkout our page on reuse & recycling.

Perch out x

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